ou’d think that after years of yoga I could put my boots on standing up and not fall over...I obviously have not been consistent.
I am comforted by Maude’s observation, “Consistency is not a human trait.”

Regrets sent. Regrets all kinds.
Just another human condition. We often regret not having done something, more than if we had.
-When I left for good, not taking the wobbler from the pressure cooker just to drive him crazy.
-Another time, when I left for good, not stopping with, “she looks just like you”, but needing to add “...only younger.”

-Never having a lost decade. Off center, off base and slightly skewed. Actually, would I remember if I had?

Lonnie and I were talking in circles ... well, something about purgatory, suspended animation, and time spent in Limbo.
Leave it to Latin America to make purgatory into a dance.

Aye, Sometimes there is a need to sum up a conversation, to find a point, which seemed important at the time.
It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it.
Go figure, we all did.

One Head, Two Necks and Three Hands.


  1. We could still break in and ONLY take the wobbler. But now you have regretted it to cyberspace and we would both end up in a Mongolian prison.
    I was kinda hoping we did have a lost decade - it would explain our age.
    My limbo bar is rising, thank Christo.
    Can we learn the steps of the purgatory on line?

  2. Hi there Lonnie,
    Thanks, You really crack me up.

  3. "It's got a good beat, and you can dance to it."--
    This used to be something I'd say in response to any music I did NOT like, but that I knew a person asking for my response, would enjoy. I'd say, "Wellllllll.........I dunno, but.." and then add that tag-line!

    "I was kinda hoping we did have a lost decade--it would explain our age."--Cuz Jayne,that BFF of yours--Lonnie-- is HILARIOUS!!

    btw, you guys, if u get a sec, check out Kate Evans' "Being and Writing" Blog, where she publishes letters from her Mom(who has Alzheimer's). She's published 4 so far. It really makes one appreciate our(older, still high-functioning) age.

  4. Lisa,
    "It's got a good beat..." Remember? That's what everyone ALWAYS said EVERY week on 'American Bandstand'.
    Thanks for the heads-up, I will check out KE's blog.

  5. I know--that's where I got the tag-line from: American Bandstand.