irst names I'm fairly good at knowing. Last names need to be indisputably visual.
My friends, (all of my dearest few) can attest not to my anti-socialism, but to my non-socialization.
I don’t consider myself naive, as I am probably in the second half of my life. But it has only been recently realized one could talk to strangers and they would decently talk back. I had seen this done, my mother being a champ. She would get off the phone after 20 minutes of conversation just to say it was the wrong number. But I had always imagined if I talked to an unknown someone they'd get a far off look in their eyes as though they were in State Fair and start singing as they walked away.
The rules change the reaches.
It is good to remember.......all is fleeting.

87 The apartment’s kitchen was situated inside what used to be a walk-in closet. The Fridge door opened only half way as it was wedged in and the sink edged out of the door frame. If there had not been a barred window, making it seem expansive as you looked out over the gray rooftops, it would have seemed you were cooking in a closet. We worked okay, side by side, Kyle and I, since he was so much taller than me we used different elbow space.

He had to have that damn piece of furniture. We hauled it 16 blocks uptown from the salvation army. This huge buffet counter thingy, as long as a coffin, on high legs, that you store china and linen in for fine dining. We trudged it, stumbling, having to stop every 20 feet or so. I remember someone passing with the quip, “Why don’t you put a handle on the top to carry it?” To the cop we pretend it wasn't ours. (What credenzas?) When it got so late we discussed using it for an overnight bunk bed on the street. We fibbed to the door-man by saying a friend had won it. Up the freight elevator...
I'm reckoning it’s in that apartment on 23rd street today still. It would be fun to know.
I carved a note on the outside back of the drawer for posterity.


  1. How come these things don't seem so weird or tiring or heroic or simply mad at the time? Most of the lives we have had - I couldn't possibly think about repeating! Wow - how did we do all that? - where did the energy come from? I am glad for both of us that our first half century has contained such amazing adventures, but I really don't know how we lived to tell about them. It has got to be all down hill from here. Seriously. Strap the younger guy to the skateboard to see what happens... L, L

  2. Lonnie, I guess the flux has its own weeds and waves and looking through and past them is an easy trick when we’re in it. Perhaps memories are one of the great equalizers.....
    Reckon you mean ‘downhill’ as easier..... I’m wondering if it’s harder to steer when your going down hill...I am hopeful and would be happy with just a slight downward incline.
    Yes, pass onto another that skateboard.

  3. Hmmmmm. I found the "long as a coffin" reference rather edg-y(given what happened to dear Kyle).I think you could do a great piece on Kyle. Perhaps this was all rather un/sub-conscious?
    btw, where DID the buffet-counter-thingy come from?
    And the comment on Aunt Helen--I never knew that about her; I guess just like Yia-Yia Chiboucas-Comati-Walter, she "never met a stranger".
    Sweet, Jayne, very sweet.

  4. After Kyle Bradfield's death, I wrote a process piece, 'Script for a Practicing Artist and an Unfinished Life'. A lot of it had to do with the kb memories. It is 100 pages, much is free association, moving from current happening to memories.
    - The credenzas we acquired from a Salvation army in queens.Geez I remember getting that thing on the subway, that now seems crazy foolish. Such is life.