m guessing we had the last snowfall of the year a few days ago. We drove home after dark and experienced the spaceship phenomenon of entering another dimension. When traveling against the wind and the large snowflakes are lit up in the headlights angled directly toward you, it resembles passage in hyper space.

he Ship Sails On. Bravo! After standing in the wings of a performance my sides ache from holding my breath with the opera singers. I knew a singer in Maine who would open the door and sing out “Daisy!” She wouldn’t dare hurt her voice by screaming for her dog. There must exist a book of singing voice etiquette to look up the correct operatic way to call out.
The designer David Walker said, in answer to a college trying to get him to commiserate,
"No, we choose what we want to be, and we pay for it.”
He said he never took curtain calls. I always wondered if that was true.
I remember asking David if he thought in British accent.
The best would be at a restaurant table full of professional singers on your birthday. Or, best ever, would be if they mark and sing Happy Birthday off key half way through. They’d raise a few of the clienteles’ eyebrows, then kick it into full opera
crescendo expression at the end.

(Terry,) I Went into a posh market today where they put the fresh ground coffee right next to the gourmet chocolate so the aromas mingled to make magic. I appreciated that.

Life is infinitely stranger than anything the mind could invent. -Arthur C. Doyle


  1. I think I am going to start thinking in a calm, melodic english accent. It might tony up my life! L, L

  2. Hi Jayne. Love the mingle-of-aromas-thing you spoke of, here...
    I wanna call cuz Bon-Bon, wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY (it was on the 21st, yes?)
    Peace, woman!