...to stand on the meeting of two eternities, the past and future, which is precisely the present moment; to toe that line. -H D Thoreau

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be
to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. -
T. S. Eliot



I am not worried. I am not overly concerned.

The rock paper scissor gods get their way in taking turns at playing umpire.
A great equalizer of a game, however, you must adhere to the rules.

At times it seems obvious where they are betting. The clich√© of a sword in hand forming the gaming board in the sky. The fickle hand swerving, the blade’s edge pointing downward, directing the luck we tremble to witness. Every province is in the queuing with a future moment to be reckoned with. 
Them, us, Chad or one of the Stan countries. 
No one has been missed. No one will be excused.
Who has not their hand in conveying the future?

I am not worried. I am not overly concerned.

Sensationalize as a commodity. Who needs a fortuneteller without a performance to look forward to? The dull-witted ever needs direction in matter of tangents and direction to give shape to drama.

He remained in the soapbox position tolerating and persuading the passers by to see along with him the forerunners and warnings and to interpret the signs that were so very obvious to him. Causes are assigned through the movement of the sky, the direction of the wind, and placement of fallen leaves. That’s why it happened. This is what will happen now. The crier carried ideas with the seriousness some caught, others could not. These ordinary influences made the common person apprehensive of calamity, doom, and a wasted Akeldama ahead. By using the power of suggestion the foretelling comes about.

Have you ever had the experience when someone is being obviously rude, and when you point it out to him or her; they become twice as rude being angry that you noticed they are being rude?

I am not worried. I am not overly concerned.

It is difficult for me to mimic. If it is not felt, it is not played out.
Having a think on  A journal of a Plague Year  by Daniel Defoe.
Research reading for a play … not a fun read … but engrossing. 

Above: 100 Paintings in 100 Hours / Hazon / HarHar  / counting crows


  1. Very topical. We were only recently discussing the over sensationalising of current events and the ordinary person being only aware of calamity and doom, even if it isn't there. Like it. Like it a lot.

  2. Hi Jayne
    Thinking of you and the kids, cheerful and lively as I take in devastation on tv Internet and of course, Facebook. Miss y'all.

  3. fab blend of the pic and the prose...we know more today than we ever did...maybe this is a good thing...

  4. I like this a lot, Jayne. The media has become so dependent on news events that offer an opportunity to sensationalize that it has lost the ability to simply report. I marvel at segments on the local nightly news on a "slow" news day: "Desperate cat stranded in large tree! Returned to frantic owner by heroic fire department rescuers after several terrifying hours!"

    At one point toward the end of your piece, I pictured the poor guy standing on the corner in the park warning of Armageddon with no one listening. What if he's right? We have become so desensitized by the media we may no longer be able to hear the truth.

  5. and whatever happens, the space in which we experience it is relatively short. make the most of each moment...

  6. "It's beyond my control."

    May I send that image to someone? I promise all credit will be given...

  7. I am rarely worried. And even less overly concerned. ;)

  8. my brain is not cooperating with your prose. Aha, love the painting, the detail of hands holding the universe, our future?

  9. It's rather like the age old question of the forest and the tree falling and the lack of ear witnesses...if no one reported it, did it really happen (not to mention matter)? And the media does create celebrities deliberately. I don't begrudge Susan Boyle her success at all, and I bought both her albums. But there a many others out there just as talented, but she went viral and it was all over. As for the fortune-telling thing...it's the weather men who irritate me. They get paid, but they do their job incorrectly most of the time. The rest of us would get canned if our work was that inaccurate. Guess I got to rambling here...but this was a thought provoking piece :-)

  10. I very much dislike when you call someone on their rudeness and they just become more rude. However, I suppose, if they were to be the kind of person who would actually "fix" their disposition at the notice, they probably wouldn't be the kind of person to have been rude in the first place.

    Always, always, always love the artwork.

  11. Hane can you send me your phone number? What a pict really beautiful, but then you do just that don't you. want to talk? miss you, a.

  12. Beautiful and the here and now is everything = Cheers!