My understanding of being a twelfth house sun sets me adrift near the ‘knowing just enough to be dangerous’ category. Everyday occurrences can become too much to process. There is a constant need to disappear. Fortunately, my dearest friends accept my habit of excusing myself from social to-dos to be left to function within my own mental climate.
Since I dislike having nothing in common with someone, small talk is not my forté. I do enjoy living vicariously, though, and since one can’t know everything, that must be what friends are for. You may have figured there just may have to be a reason. Maybe not.

I had finally made it, and there in front of the giant gate was KB.
He saw me coming. Stomping out his cigarette, he rolled his eyes and asked,
“What took you so long?” and we pushed open the heavy iron and entered together.
I am hoping, of course, that the line of questioning is to our general advantage.
How much we enable others... not what we gleaned for ourselves.
How wonderful a friend we were... not how many we had.
How much we gave away... not how much we ended up with.

The good Samaritan makes to-do lists for escapism. When the chances arise be ready for any level of miracle. Leave expensive jewelry at rest stops in impoverished areas. Pay the toll boother one hundred dollars for you and the next ninety-nine cars. Store a priceless marble statues in the trunk of a stranger’s car for ballast.

Contemplating on the meaningful takes much longer.
I fall asleep wondering if I’ve done all I can do...
...The favor is returned with an uncomfortable dream. I am lying on a rug and friends are encircling me taking turns with a talking stick. Passing the token, each verbally digs at what they really think of me. Even in this dream state I knew their reason didn’t rest on bedrock. I still became emotionally stripped. I awoke thinking this dream was so bad it must satisfy one of the prerequisites of the twelve steps.

A friend not only tells the truth, but leaves unsaid the obvious at an opportune moment.
It’s been a day of allegories.
Some better than others.
Happy TT, friend?


  1. A friend not only tells the truth, but leaves unsaid the obvious at an opportune moment.


    The dream must satisfy more than one step!!

  2. i'm with Willow...great post...happy TT

  3. Happy TT HH !
    Friends Often Come In Dreams Me'Thinks?

  4. Awesome post and great piece!! I really adore all your work!

  5. great post! small talk is def not my forte'....yep...

  6. and a happy tt to you...that last line about friends...so true.

  7. Sometimes, I can actually bond with someone who I have nothing in common with, as opposed to other times when I am too similar to another person that I get frustrated.

    Definitely different being a good Samaritan than being a friend.

  8. Otin, I understand what you mean, I have often experienced the 'resonance' thing with strangers.

  9. My mental climate is stormy, at best :O And my to do lists are just that but get a load off the former, here :)

    And Willow has a good point( unless you're a New Englander, wot? )

  10. Friends don't let friends drive... through tollbooths?


  11. "How wonderful a friend we were... not how many we had." Loved this post...somewhat nostalgic...somewhat introspective...many angles of friendship.

    The photo is perfectly paired with this piece.

  12. great post.

    deep and honest!

    today's accompanying illustration is fantastic


    happy tt FRIEND!

  13. I read this twice, and carefully. It's wonderful.

  14. "A friend not only tells the truth, but leaves unsaid the obvious at an opportune moment."

    hah! Great!

  15. A profound and moving post...Happy Thursday to you.

  16. Telling the trush, but knowing when to be silent...love that.

  17. Happy TT Jayne. I don't know how, but I nearly missed this post. I am so glad that I didn't.

  18. That dream would be such a miserable experience. I'm not sure I could shake that off too quickly.

    Being a friend is harder than being a good Samaritan, because some friends require too much Samaritan.

  19. I always love reading the thoughts of such a deep thinker!

  20. I am a 1st time TTer and am so happy to have found you. Your blog is extremely interesting, and I love all the wonderful art. And a silly aside: love your name, Jayne...same as my mother and daughter. I'll be checking in with you again. Happy TT.

  21. How much we gave away... not how much we ended up with.

    I very much like this.

  22. It is nice to read the hits different folks pick up on....thanks for having a think. -J

  23. "A friend not only tells the truth, but leaves unsaid the obvious at an opportune moment."


  24. Ah you say what I do more eloquently. I'm often berated for being in my own mental climate. Much as I like the idea of being generous beyond bounds, I do not have the means. As for the talking stick . . those who feel the need to espouse the 'truth' are not friends. Real friends know it, accept it and don't need to analyse it. Great post and beautifully written. Sorry about the allergies, imagined or real.

  25. Deep, deeper, deepest, we sift through the layers to find the truth. Happy TT