The customs are such that with  “The Honest Scrap” there is a bit of kiss and tell.
am not use to digging for things folks may not know of myself. Usually I feel peoples eyes glaze over (I have a habit of justifying what I say, in real life…that can be #1) either in confusion or feigned respect. But since I can not see your eyes I will throw out 9 more lines- a few up close, mostly a few steps back -and keep it light as I head toward that ambiguous bottom of the screen page.
Second; I have a few very dear friends. I don’t tend to collect people. I never realize there is room for another, until a new one friend finds me.
; I think Toshiro Milfune was really cool.
; Having recently gotten out of storage, again, I found that there are few things I had been collecting...though I don’t tend to amass…obsolete library cards, springs, dice, S hooks, and smashed souvenir pennies.
; I believe if there were a mandatory reading (or reading to) list for being humans there would be an enormous influx of compassion capacity and collective genius. List to be compiled.
; I cry easily.
; I do not fluster easily.
; I believe in having at least one work venture going in each of the project groups at any given time.
Ninth; I have climbed barrier fences, in this, and other countries to visit the ‘unavailable’ art.
Tenth; I do love a well-designed ampersand.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.
-Mickey B.


  1. I get weepy easily - and I can relate to the few dear friends thing.

    But what about Lenny D.?

  2. J -
    Thank you so much! I do appreciate you stopping by - has been a busier than usual week and I have been neglecting my blogging duties.Hope I can manage a list as interesting as yours. I will add this to my backed-up runway of award posts. (Not very good at getting these things done, but must try.) Thanks again.

  3. congratulations on your award, and for compliling such a marvellous list. thank you too, for thinking of me, i appreciate the thought hugely!

  4. Jayne, How could I have missed this. Thanks for the award, I will pick it up and run with it sometime during the coming week. The problem is that you set the bar very high (but you do this with your art work all the time). I always turn to your blog with pleasure knowing that I am going to see something quite beautiful.

  5. Thank you for the return notes...
    Catherine, Shadow and Alan- I'm looking forward to your future blog post and your pass-ons! -Jayne