It’s neat, it’s logical and I can’t argue with it.
- Mickey Moran

I really thought I was going to miss out getting to appreciate this part.
I thought ‘Drew had skipped what I had always recognized as a privileged and important development of a male youngster. Those of you who have sons know what I am talking about. Those of you grown men will remember when the Copycat Gene kicked in. Time was when you could mimic. My son does now; the sounds of a race starting, a battle commencing, blowing up buildings, pistols, riffles, and machine guns. The more advanced sounds I’ve been recognizing include outboard motor boats, wenches wenching, and toilets flushing, and seagulls on a beach But, I reckon a repertoire would not be complete without perfecting the Darth Vader breathy breathy thing.

Drew’s eyes were closed and he was about to fall asleep, but he had one last idea,
What if our life is on the movie screen, and the cartoons are watching us?

All kids have to go through their ‘song writing’ phase, you know that. 

- Mrs. Moran.

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  1. Drew is amazing to me.
    I don't know Mrs. Moran--is she "real"??