I flew out here to Denver yesterday. No stickie notes!
Will be installing art work in Cabinet of Curiosities at
The Museum of Outdoor Arts.
The site will give you a taste of what it's about... until the photos are up after it's up.
The opening is this Saturday evening, with a six month run.

I was looking forward to some time blog visiting and commenting in a leisurely and thoughtful way...
But time is short, even though one can seem to get a lifetime of work done in an afternoon. Funny how that time thingy expands and contracts.

So, a simple note in my apologetic way...
I'll be reading TTs belatedly. So those of you who know, Happy TT!
All others have a grand weekend! -J


  1. So this exhibit is the indoor/outdoors? It sounds delightful - hope you take lots of pictures.

  2. Denver is beautiful any time of the year...looking forward to the photos, happy TT

  3. Much luck with the installation and exhibition. I look forward to your photos!

  4. I just looked at your ink. The cabinet of curiosities sounds exciting. So does the exhibition of light and sound that will follow.

    Enjoy yourself :)

  5. hey jayne,

    your comments over at my place put a big smile on my face... : )

    this exhibition looks wonderful - like artsparker i wonder if it's indoors or outdoors? or both...

    en-joy, and i look forward to seeing your photos!


  6. even if i have not always an comment, i enjoy reading your posts:))

  7. Cabinets of wonder ... look forward to seeing what you installed*!*